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We will work with you and your people to create the perfect package to enable your staff and company to be happy and healthy, so that your staff and your company can reap the rewards for the whole organisation.



Wellbeing solutions for your whole business

The health of your business is intrinsically linked with the health of your staff. They are your most valuable resource, and if you take care of their wellbeing, your company as a whole will reap benefits.

By implementing a programme of stress management and resilience building, you will create a healthy culture in your workplace that will improve not only the health and happiness of your employees, but also improve that all important bottom line. Effective wellbeing solutions are an investment in your business’s wellbeing as much as your staff.

Using your PACER Report, we will help you identify the areas in which staff wellbeing can be improved, looking at the 5 Key PACERs of  wellbeing that we have identifiedBy assessing which of these 5 elements your business most needs, we can then design a programme of interventions aimed at boosting wellbeing throughout your organisation.

This work will benefit your staff and their work, as we will give them the tools that they need to develop the resilience required to manage busy working lives in a hectic and turbulent world, and perform at their very best in your organisation.

Working on improving the wellbeing and resilience of your staff will improve your business as your staff will be more engaged, productive, loyal and effective.


Is your company a PACER for Wellbeing?


Before you can make any change, you must truly understand the problem. Using your PACER Report, and by talking and listening to you and your staff, we will work with you to identify the problems stress is causing in your organisation, and identify what solutions are best suited to you.


Using the information we gain in the assessment process, we will design the programme of interventions that will have the most impact on the wellbeing of your staff and organisation, to help you become a PACER for Wellbeing.


Using our skills, knowledge and partnerships, we will develop the programme, entirely based on your organisation’s needs. This may include workshops, accredited training, talks, online learning resources, facilitated discussions and more. 



The programme will be delivered in the timescale we agree on together. We will monitor the outcomes of each intervention, through assessment, evaluation and discussion with staff.


We will produce interim and end of programme reports, so that you are able to assess the impact the programme has had, in accordance with the key indicators we establish at the beginning of the programme. 

Don’t just take our word for it!

I recently invited Esther to run a wellbeing session with staff from right across our business.

When we advertised the session, I wasn’t sure what take up would be. It was so popular we actually had a waiting list! In terms of the session itself, the feedback was amazing from the participants.

Staff came out feeling refreshed, calmer and wanting further sessions with Esther.

Esther is authentic in her delivery, shared her own story and gave the participants some exercises to take away. It was something really different which everyone enjoyed.

I am looking forward to doing more work with Esther in the future to further promote positive wellbeing in our business.

Kevin Howell

Head of Housing, Linc Cymru Housing Association Ltd

We recently worked with Esther on a Leadership programme we developed for emerging leaders from across the globe, for our client, Menzies Aviation. Recognising that stress, depression and mental health are key business challenges in every industry, we asked Esther to deliver a wellbeing session, to help our participants see how they can effectively lead themselves and others in a more holistic way.

Esther’s session was planned in accordance with the brief we gave her, but she was able to expertly adapt to suit the needs of the participants on the day. The session provided much food for thought for the participants, gave them valuable tools that they can take back to their teams and their own lives, and enabled everyone to relax and let go of tension and stress. Esther was professional while being warm, engaging and approachable and made all the participants feel at ease and safe in the space she created.

As a leadership coach and mentor, I saw an immediate change in peoples’ perceptions of wellbeing as a business priority and was impressed to hear our participants continuing discussions about wellbeing days after Esther’s session. I would never have imagined the impact that a half day session on wellbeing could have on a group of senior leaders, and I am actively seeking ways to engage Esther with other clients.

Mok O'Keefe

Founder, The Innovation Beehive

Esther delivered a wellbeing yoga session for a research project, run by Merthyr and the Valleys Mind, in partnership with Age Connects Morgannwg. The session was professionally delivered and engaging throughout. The group of older beneficiaries fedback how much they benefited from the seated yoga class, how they have learnt new things, and how they have practised some of the movements learnt at home.

I would recommend Esther’s wellbeing and resilience training. She is very knowledgeable around the subject area, and demonstrated her ability to deliver a bespoke seat based session to suit the abilities of the participants.

Rowan Parker

Project Coordinator, MATV Mind

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