Is your organisation a PACER for Wellbeing at Work?

In a race, a pacer sets the pace that the runners will keep in order to achieve their race goals. If you want to run a race in 90 minutes, your pacer will run alongside you, supporting you, making sure you don’t go too fast or slow, and keeping you going when things get tough. The pacer is almost an external representation of your inner resilience

In a world where most companies are struggling with high stress related absence, presenteeism, and rising staffing costs due to work related health, the pacers of the business world are setting a new pace. One that recognises the importance of happy, healthy staff.

Is that your organisation?

How can you ensure that you are bringing out the best in your staff, by taking care of their wellbeing?

The PACER test is designed to help you identify the areas where you are strong, and where you can improve on staff wellbeing.

The test will take a few minutes to complete, and you will receive a free personalised report, and an invitation to a complimentary consultation to discuss your results.

Take the test today, and take your first steps to becoming a Pacer for wellbeing in the workplace.