About Us

Lotus Strength Consultancy

Lotus Strength Consultancy has one purpose. To enable working people to be happier and healthier, by leading a positive, connected life.

Our Values

Healthy companies need healthy people

Health is holistic both in the individual and in an organisation. A healthy, profitable company needs healthy, engaged, connected staff to work in it. Ill health and stress affect all aspects of individual and business life, and the solutions need to do the same.

We turn problems into opportunities

Like the lotus flower, we know that we have to experience challenges in order to grow and thrive. We help you grow through your challenges, enabling your company and employees to develop resilience and increased wellbeing

We practice what we preach

Leaders must lead by example, so we take care of us so we can take care of you. We live our purpose, work on our connection to ourselves and the world around us, and manage our own energy and state so that we can be the best we can be when we work with you.

What We Do

A holistic approach

We see workplace illhealth as a holistic problem. It affects every person and every aspect in the business. If the problem is holistic, then the solution has to be holistic too. We help you find the solutions that can improve the health of your company as well as your employees.

Beginning with awareness

The first step to changing any problem is to see, recognise and understand it. With awareness, real, meaningful solutions can be found. We help you assess the roots of your absence and wellbeing problems.

Create unity

A solution to a wellbeing problem must be one that everyone can connect to. Offering Yoga classes to a workforce with no interest in yoga is not likely to be well received. We help you work with your staff to create solutions that work for everyone.

Deepen connection

By creating safe spaces where people can talk and be heard, and seeking solutions that enable deeper connections between employees and your company, we can create a sense of belonging and unity that humans need to thrive.

Work with purpose

When your company’s purpose and your employees purpose is clearly understood, people are better able to connect to the company’s vision, and to understand how their work fits with that. This sense of purpose is vital for happiness and contentment in the workplace.

Manage energy and state

Effective work relies more on effective energy use than time. When we understand our natural energy cycles, we can work with them to work at our best. We help you discover this, and train your staff to manage, improve and work with their energy and emotional state so that they can give their best at all times.

Meet Esther

Esther Nagle


Esther Nagle left the world of employment when years of stress became too much and she experienced a breakdown. This led her to Yoga teacher training where she learned powerful tools to manage her emotions, energy, and connection to herself. These tools helped her to heal on a very deep level, and gave her renewed purpose in life. Passionate about helping others live a happy, healthy life, Esther brings her personal and professional experience to Lotus Strength Consulting to offer a holistic view of health and wellbeing, and a vast toolkit of powerful strategies to help others.

Esther is an author and confident public speaker, as well as an experienced teacher and guide. She is warm, engaging and professional, and is great at creating safe space for people to share, grow and heal.